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723 S Brazos St, San Antonio, TX, 78207


Thank you for donating to the Guadalupe! Your contributions helps cultivate, promote and preserve traditional and contemporary Chicano, Latino and Native American arts and culture through multidisciplinary programming.
As a thank you, we invite you to watch an audience favorite at 42 CineFestival in July 2021 for free.  The link will be available from 2pm until 11pm on Tuesday for donors to watch the film in the comfort of their own homes. The link to the film is available on Vimeo, and you can watch it on your computer, smart TV or portable device.
VECINOS: Love Thy Neighbor
2020, Comedy/Drama, 82 min. English.
A grouchy widower’s life turns upside down when a sweet-natured widow moves down the hall in this heart-warming romantic comedy.
Director: Alex Avila, Screenwriter: Rupert Reyes, Producer: JoAnn Carreon-Reyes, Rupert Reyes, Alex Avila, Karinna Cantu, Raul Garza, Cast: Rupert Reyes, Alma Chapa Moore, Julio Carreon-Reyes, Karinna Cantu, Music: Michael Ramos
LINK: https://vimeo.com/464585365
Private video on Vimeo
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 Donation courtesy of Vecinos Unit, LLC and the producers of VECINOS: Love Thy Neighbor.

Post Author: Anai Ramirez